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PSNW Yoga admits clients of any race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to everyone. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin.



To register, submit a completed registration online at Fees/memberships must be paid and current to participate in classes.


Fees is not refundable. Clients who do not participate or withdraw, 30 days’ notice is required. Before then, any and all remaining charges on the account will still be due.


Clients with outstanding accounts will not be allowed to register. A $35 fee is charged for returned checks. Late payments will be charged a $35 late fee per month until the account balance is current.


Currently we take checks, exact cash and cards via our Punchpass page. Please seal cash in envelopes with client name and amount. Please make checks payable to “Premiere Studios NW LLC”.



Premiere Studios NW and PSNW Yoga does not, in any circumstances, offer refunds. Memberships are not prorated for a missed class or holidays posted by PSNW Yoga.




Ample free parking is available at all PSNW locations.



During each year, PSNW Yoga has scheduled closures and holidays. Private lessons and studio rentals may proceed during these times.



PSNW Yoga will be closed for snow or other weather/disaster conditions when Local Public Schools are closed. Closure of after-school activities has no bearing on whether or not we are closed. If you are uncertain regarding closure, please email us. There are no make-up classes for weather-related closures.


In event of a snow closure, clients will be notified via email. The announcement will also be posted on the website and both Facebook pages.



It is the policy of PSNW Yoga to maintain a positive, healthy and productive learning and working environment for all clients and staff members. PSNW Yoga clients are supported by a dedicated faculty. Clients are expected to treat PSNW yoga staff with respect and maintain a positive attitude. PSNW Yoga strives to ensure that all rules are clear and reasonable, and clients are expected to observe the established Code of Conduct. PSNW Yoga reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any clients whose conduct or attitude is found to be unsatisfactory. Please respect the expertise and decisions of the PSNW Yoga faculty and staff.


The following are absolutely prohibited at PSNW Yoga:


• Firearms/Weapons


• Physical intimidation or injury


• Any client possessing, buying/selling, using, or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or any client providing alcohol or drugs (including prescription drugs) to another clients.


• Self-destructive behavior


• Sexual harassment


• Smoking: PSNW Yoga is non-smoking. PSNW Yoga prohibits smoking on all PSNW Yoga property and grounds.


• Theft


• Verbal abuse, bullying, intimidation, or harassment of any kind


• Willful destruction or misuse of PSNW Yoga or another person’s property


• Photography and/or video recording in PSNW Yoga studios at any time without prior permission from PSNW Yoga staff.


Penalties may include but are not limited to:


• Dismissal from the PSNW Yoga


• Suspension from classes



It is essential that clients come to class on time. Late arrival cause injuries and disrupts class concentration. Clients more than ten minutes late to any class will not be admitted.


Classes without a registered client within 60 minutes of the beginning class time, will be cancelled.



• Be respectful of the staff and fellow clients.


• Food and drinks are restricted to the dressing room; gum is not allowed.


• Clients are responsible for the disposal of their garbage and are expected to treat the facilities, furniture and equipment with respect.



PSNW Yoga is a cell phone free zone, as phones are not allowed in the studios, restrooms, or hallways. Cell phone usage is restricted to outside the building. Clients must turn off all cell phones and store them in the dressing room upon entering the studio.



Lost and found bins are located in the lobby area of each studio. Premiere Studios NW or PSNW Yoga is not held responsible for any loss, stolen or damaged property.



It is the responsibility of each client to check the bulletin board before and after each class. Class schedules are subject to change; therefore, clients need to check the board daily. Weekly schedules, including changes and important notices, are posted on the bulletin board.


All clients are strongly encouraged to go over studio emails.

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