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Kristen began her movement training at age three. She received her formal Ballet training at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Walnut Hill and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. She was a company member at the Olympic Ballet Theatre and a member of the Professional Division at Spectrum Dance Theatre. In addition, she has a certification in Pilates instruction. 

Kristen competed for six years at a national level in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. She was also a member of the 2011-2013 Lake Stevens High School Cheer Squad. Kristen performed in both Pacific Northwest Ballet and Olympic Ballet Theatre's  Coppélia, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

She has a wealth of knowledge about movement, dance and how to develop a student's full potential through technique and conditioning. Kristen has been able to apply these skills to her teaching to create strong and healthy students.


While she does not instruct any yoga classes, she keeps busy by teaching Ballet classes and managing both our Premiere Studios NW’s dance company and PSNW Yoga businesses!



Kimber has been teaching yoga for ten years. She attended her yoga instructor training in Rishikesh, India; yoga capital of the world. Rishikesh Yog Peeth Abhayaranya is a International RYS. Kimber is E-RYT 200 hour certified and registered with Yoga Alliance.

The healing benefits of yoga and the journey it has taken her on is why she loves yoga. “Yoga is a science on how to care for your mind-body-spirit helping connect all three to your center of Being. Looking at life from a different angel standing on my head in that yoga room in India. Yoga is for everyone not just the model picture of health but for every- body. Stretching every fiber of your Being.”

Kimber instructs Vinyasa.



Sue’s personal yoga practice began in 2016 after she moved to the PNW. Those first few years she moved around continuously looking for her new home. It was an invitation to attend a kundalini yoga class that helped her begin to find her home within herself; the experience of movement, breathwork, mantra, sound and a welcoming community of kind and like-minded people kept her returning to the mat.

“The yoga community, my own health journey, the pandemic and working in healthcare led me to learn about Ayurveda; the sister science to yoga and a science of healing. It’s in these practices of both yoga and Ayurveda where I find balance, inner peace, better health, more awareness, less stress and a calmer mind. Yoga offers a path for healing and connection for all.”

Sue completed her level 1 220 Hour Yoga Instructor Certificate through The Kundalini Research Institute in 2018 in Vancouver B.C.  In 2021, after a few years of personal practice and teaching, she began studying Ayurveda and 8 Limbs Yoga at Mount Madonna Institute where she completed her 500 Hour Yoga Teachers Training and Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification.  Sue is happy to be a part of the PSNW Yoga community.


Sue is one of our substitute instructors.



Like many yoga newbies, Diane initially took up my hatha practice as a component of a weight-loss strategy, more than 20 years ago. Her continued devotion to yoga is rooted in the practice’s ancient spiritual and philosophical teachings, which fit perfectly with the modern mindfulness movement.

She has been teaching yoga since 2013, including several years at Everett Community College. She is fluent with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, especially his 8 Limbs teachings and love to share the at knowledge with her classes.


Diane's  Yin sessions ex mindfulness and breath techniques while holding seated and reclined poses, increasing flexibility by gently opening the connective tissues.  Her Hatha classes are based in a style called Karuna, which is a blend of lyengar, Yin, Anusara, Flow and Kundalini. Karuna is Sanskrit for “compassion,” and this style is based on the concept that yoga should never be uncomfortable or cause physical strain. Diane received her teaching certifications from the American Yoga School and Creative Source Alliance, wellspring of the Karuna style of the late Paul MacNaughton. She also has completed a 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark, the premier modern yin expert.

Diane instructs Yin and Kuruna Hatha.



Tara began her yoga journey after she had her second child in 2016. When she found herself experiencing some really difficult times, a dear friend invited her to attend a Hatha yoga class at a local studio. It was in that class she learned that the practice of yoga has the potential to be a powerful medicine. It was through a dedicated yet simple practice that she started to heal and feel peace in her life. 



As her passion for yoga grew so did her desire to share this beautiful tradition. In 2022, she became certified to teach through the Akasha Yoga Academy where she studied breath based Hatha yoga. She continues to deepen her own practice by being a student in an advanced Hatha yoga and pranayama course. By the end of 2023, she will also be a certified Ayurvedic wellness coach. 


She believes we all have the potential to be our greatest teacher. She feels it an honor to simply guide her fellow practitioners to that remembering. 

Tara is one of our substitute instructors.



Kalie’s goals as a Yoga teacher are to facilitate movement practices to inspire good alignment, strong bodies, and to encourage all of her students to feel empowered in their daily lives, more aware of their felt sense and the mind body connection.

Kalie is excited and grateful to be apart of the Om Yoga Community and looks forward to working with you.

Kalie is a 200 Hour RYT and licensed massage therapist. Kalie completed her 200 hour training at The Grinning Yogi in Seattle. She also completed the Yoga Behind Bars Teacher Training in 2017 to work with incarcerated individuals as well as those who have experienced trauma and social injustice.

Kalie currently instructs Vinyasa and Restorative.



Linda found Yoga when Jazzercise was popular! She had always been curious about yoga so she decided to take a class. Everything changed during that class. She found the poses relieving and revealing. The poses seemed natural and familiar. She was hooked. Even when she was not doing a weekly practice. Linda found herself doing poses during the day, chair pose even while brushing her teeth, warrior poses while walking the dog and shoulder pose just because she needed to bend that way!


She enjoys teaching evening classes to help you relax and end your day with a feeling of accomplishment as well as kindness. "Be thankful that you took time out of the day for you, and your body in turn will thank you for taking the time to nurture and care for your mind, body and soul."

Linda instructs Yin and Slow Flow.



Jaclyn's personal experience has led her to believe that Yoga is for everybody and every body type. Growing up her mother regularly practiced Yoga and encouraged her to participate but  wanted nothing to do with it. She was overweight throughout the majority of her life and lacked flexibility so the physical practice of yoga intimidated her. When she was 21, she began hiking regularly and followed by stretching. She found the link between physical and mental health which inspired her to begin meditating. As she found more confidence in her body, she became more willing to try new things. She found a simple yoga practice that she could complete at home which included meditation, breath, stretching, as well as light strength building and cardio exercise.


The addition of yoga into my routine changed her life for the better and ignited a passion for mental health advocacy. Jaclyn attended Central Washington University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She found a career in Applied Behavior Analysis which she practiced for three years after receiving her degree. As yoga continued to be a large part of her life, she recognized the stark similarities between yogic ideals and physiological practices. She decided to leave her career in psychology in order to teach stress management and help students gain control of their physical and mental health through the practice of yoga.


Yoga has taught her to let go of unnecessary stress; to pause and breathe whenever needed. Yoga has also taught her to be grateful for her body as it is at every stage. After the first decade of her yoga journey, she feels more comfortable in her own skin than ever. She has gained the tools to cope with life's inevitable challenges. To her, yoga is so much more than exercise; it is a means of finding peace during trying times, a way to connect with our true self, an opportunity to relax and to find gratitude for all the joy in our lives. Yoga is a means of finding health and happiness no matter who you are, any age, any expression of gender and any size. She cannot wait to share the gift of yoga with you.

Jaclyn instructs Gentle Flow, Flow and Strength & Balance.



Marie began her yoga journey as an exploratory class in college but quickly blossomed into a daily practice. Yoga has made her stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has prepared her body and seen her safely through five pregnancies. Yoga has revitalized her body during times of debilitating suffering due to chronic illness. It has lifted her spirits and reminded her to breathe when nothing else could.


Her passion for yoga led her to become certified at the 200 Hour level through Yogaspirit® Studios. What she loves most about yoga is that it is a never-ending journey, with continual opportunities to delve deeper into the practice. She plans on continuing her studies to become a Yoga Therapist. Marie live in Lake Stevens with her husband, 5 children, numerous pets and enjoying all the outdoor activities the PNW has to offer.

Marie is currently taking a break this summer but normally instructs Restorative.



After years of dabbling in yoga, Jill began her formal yoga training in the winter of 2021 at Wildwood Yoga Studio in Granite Falls. The 200 hour Alliance Accredited program which included certification in Hatha, Vinyasa and Flow. Jill has done some additional instruction in Yin and focuses on a Yin/Flow emphasis in her instruction. She believes holding each pose a little longer accentuates the benefit of the pose and allows the body to relax into each stretch. Jill’s goal for each student is that she shares her love of yoga, movement and stretching which she believes improves health, wellness and spiritual perspective.


Jill has done additional training on line with Ashley Turner and others. She believes strongly in yoga’s ability to improve flexibility, strength and balance for every student no matter their age or fitness level. Jill strives to meet the needs of every student in every class. Besides her yoga instruction, Jill is a 35 year retired educator in both teaching (BS) and school counseling (ESA) and therapy (Marriage and Family Therapy MS). Jill also incorporates the studies she’s done as a Reiki Master and in Peruvian Shamanism into her yoga instruction.

She studied for 2 years with author and poet, Mark Nepo in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is active in the Center for Positive Living Unity Church in Everett, Washington. The spiritual part of life, a vital

component in yoga, is of high value to Jill.

Jill is a lifelong learner who values challenge, growth, new knowledge and new experiences. She continues to grow and develop her yoga instruction, always seeking new understanding. Jill feels blessed and grateful for her life and opportunities and looks forward to continuing to work with PSNW yoga students.

Jill is one of our substitute instructors.



Holly first stepped onto her yoga mat some years ago in a class full of similar souls and felt a kinship. As it turned out, she discovered her tribe. She loves yoga not only for the wonderful physical results asana delivers but for the journey of discovery. Her consistent joyful practice has gently led her to discover herself.

For Holly, yoga does it all—physically, spiritually and emotionally. Connecting body to mind, mind to heart and breath to movement is meditation like no other. But, it’s also the sacred community that develops when people consistently come together to practice yoga that keeps her coming back to her mat again and again. She found inspiration from many of her teachers through the years and in 2017 decided it was time for her to bring her practice to another level to become a 200 RYT. Her Ashtanga-based teacher training continued to evolve her love for Vinyasa yoga and linking breath to movement to music. It also encouraged her belief in a balanced yoga practice that includes a broad range of yoga styles…Today, she works with students to suit whatever individual needs they bring to their mats on any particular day.

Holly is one of our substitute instructors.

We at PSNW Yoga, are always looking to create new connections in the yoga community.

Email us with an updated resume and headshot to set up a coffee date with our director.

We ask that all of our instructors complete their 200 HR Certification prior to employment. 

We look forward to connecting with you!




Jill's bio coming soon!


Jill instructs Slow Flow.

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